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“We now have a detailed inventory of measures and actions which are necessary to protect and preserve the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities and achieve a society where equalization of opportunities is more than just lip service to an ideal.”

- Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Thani

Former United Nations Special Rapporteur for Disabilities



HOPE Qatar has developed extremely visionary approach to enabing the equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities in Qatar, and through its parent organization HOPE Global Foundation, to implement the same globally wherever possible.

In Qatar there are numerous programs and projects that have been envisioned to enable this transformation and the anticipated outcome is a paradigm shift in the society where the persons with disabilities are given ample of opportunities to develop themselves and to reach their full potential.

The HOPE Qatar school for differently abled children is one such initiative.

We look forward to the participation of corporate supporters, and able individual sponsors and charitable organizations; and welcome you to partner with us in this endeavour.

HOPE Qatar is a non-profit organization, and ensures a very diligent and careful review of all its expenses in a manner that maximum emphasis is on delivery of high quality services to the children under its care. There are extremely high expense requirements, especially under the current cost of living conditions in Qatar, and resources are limited. We also admit some students who are unable to pay their fees. We often have to import customized seating, training aids, equipment, etc which involve high expenses. Your support will ensure that we can do our might to get the very best for these children.



A wide range of support options are available which include:

o        Sponsorship of Individual Students for a year (anonymous)

o        Sponsorship of a class of students for a year (the class will be named after the sponsor organization for the year)

o        Sponsorship of any individual expense groups e.g. Equipment, Personnel expenses for a year/quarter, rent, transportation etc.

o        Purchase and donation of equipment.

o        Support towards infrastructure development fund



HOPE endeavors to acknowledge and recognize our individual and corporate supporters (unless they wish to be anonymous).

To enable this, a recognition program has been put in place. Some of these include**:

o        Publicity through acknowledgements in HOPE’s publications which are distributed to its stakeholders and supporters

o        Publicity as applicable through local media

o        Publicity and acknowledgement on HOPE website

o        Recognition plaques for larger sponsors

o        STAR of HOPE Awards for single largest supporters (individual and corporate)

o        Invitation and public recognition during major events of HOPE.

o        Naming of classes/ batches with the name of sponsors.

** Based on sponsorship terms and conditions


If you would like to sponsor a child on a monthly basis, click here

If you would like to find out more about the support options or to develop an option that suits you best at individual or corporate level, please mail us.

If you are interested to become a volunteer and a Friend of HOPE, click here.