The mission of HOPE is to provide Help, Opportunity, Participation, and Education (HOPE) to differently abled children and young adults; and enable them to enhance their abilities to overcome their challenges.

Established in Qatar in the year 2005, HOPE Qatar is a pioneer in offering meaningful, impactful, and affordable services to the intellectually and physically challenged children and young adults in Qatar. In over a decade, HOPE Qatar has established itself as a symbol of hope for many students and their parents by offering a near school environment to the students.

The impact of HOPE’s programs can be evidenced by the fact that some of its students have successfully been re-integrated into mainstream schools. Some others have gone on to achieve success in 10th and 12th grade examinations through the Indian National Open School examinations. Some others have moved on to pre-vocational paths through successful completion of Diplomas in Computer Applications issued after examination by third party center.

If you have a child who needs HOPE’s support, or you know someone who does, bring them to us, and lets open up a world of opportunities to them.


HOPE Qatar functions for the accomplishment of the following goals

1. To provide effective educational training to children with mild to moderate disabilities


To teach and train children in the class according to their individual education plans.


To train the teachers for continued professional development as per requirements.


To provide parent counseling when required on how they can help to bring the best in their children with special needs.

2. To create awareness in society about the needs and potentials of children with special needs


To create opportunities for the integration of children who are ready to attend the mainstream schools


To allow volunteers to come and work with the children.


To participate with corporate organizations to develop and deliver programs that creates awareness, and also benefits the children with special needs.


Bringing out the BEST in each child

HOPE’s methodology is pretty simple and straightforward. We strongly believe that one solution does not fit all and therefore our approach is unique and different, specifically tailored to meet the specific requirements of each child under our care. Our focus is on the impact of our efforts on each child. Broadly grouped, the methodology which primarily focuses on functional academics can be described as:

  • Systematic evaluation of each child
  • Preparation of Individual Education Plans
  • Delivery through a combination of special education and Montessori techniques.
  • Combination of classroom studies and practical training aimed at real-life experiences.
  • Maximum class size of 6-8 students in each class to ensure personal attention of the teacher at all times
  • Regular interaction with parents
  • Targets the enhancement of abilities of the children in order to overcome their weaknesses.

HOPE Qatar Center currently accepts only children with mild to moderate intellectual challenges, with manageable behavioral problems. A systematic and regular evaluation process enables the monitoring of the progress of each child at individual levels and at group levels. Constant feedback by teachers and the team ensure that the parents are updated regularly about the progress of their children and further programs are developed on an ongoing basis in consultation with them and the special educators. This ensures that the development of the child becomes a collective responsibility and that the training continues beyond the classrooms on an ongoing basis.