HOPE Qatar

Goals and Objectives


HOPE Qatar functions for the accomplishment of the following goals:



1. To provide effective educational training to children with mild to moderate disabilities


Objective # 1.1

To teach and train children in the class according to their individual education plans


Objective # 1.2

To train the teachers for continued professional development as per requirements


Objective # 1.3

To provide parent counseling when required on how they can help to bring the best in their children with special needs.


2. To create awareness in society about the needs and potentials of children with special needs


Objective # 2.1

To create opportunities for the integration of children who are ready to attend the mainstream schools


Objective # 2.2

To allow volunteers to come and work with the children


Objective # 2.3

To participate with corporate organizations to develop and deliver programs that creates awareness, and also benefits the children with special needs.