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HOPE Qatar Centre for children with special needs has been conducting a highly successful and   popular annual event Message of HOPE since 2010 as part of the organization’s mission to spread   awareness in the community about children with disabilities, and the need to provide them appropriate  and timely educational and training opportunities.

These events showcases individuals or groups of individuals who in spite of their challenges and  disabilities, have gone on to become successful, famous, and in the process – self advocates for  persons with disabilities across the world. The organization also uses this opportunity to mobilize  continued corporate support to help sustain the ambitious programs of HOPE Qatar in service of  children with special needs.

What is the Message of HOPE?

The message of HOPE is that if given the right opportunities at the right time, children with special  needs can achieve great success, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that such  opportunities are provided to them so that they become value adding members of the society and  will not be considered as a social liability.

More information about the past and future Message of HOPE events, together with videos, photos, and ways in which you  can join hands with us can be found on the different pages of this website. Please also take a moment to visit our social  media pages and like us.

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