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Chairman's Note

It is my great honour to  present to you the Message of HOPE series of events that is organized annually by HOPE Qatar Center for children with special needs. It is a small and humble effort towards advocacy for children and persons with special needs all around the world.

As you see in the opening page of the Message of HOPE website, our effort can be compared to the flame of the candle which endures to dispel the darkness of ignorance around us. It is a sad fact that many persons in this world do not realize the immense potential that lies unexposed in many persons with special needs. Many of such gems are forced to live a life of seclusion and unfortunately remain hidden forever, partially due to lack of awareness and opportunities, and partially because of the social stigma attached to those with disabilities.

It is our collective responsibility to find those gems and provide them the opportunities so that they can attain their full potential and shine. It is our desire that through the Message of HOPE series, we can dispel some of that darkness, and brighten up the future of at least some of these children. The many Messengers of HOPE we bring to Qatar each year are also persons with disabilities who have overcome the limitations through sheer hard work and determination, and are sources of inspiration and solace to millions around the world.

It is our hope that these messengers and their message will help create awareness and confidence in our society so that no child with disability is considered a social liability. They are human beings like you and me, and God has given us a responsibility to provide them with opportunities to succeed.

We would not have been so successful in our effort without the support of the dedicated team of Friends of HOPE, our corporate supporters and the general public, especially youth, who have stood by us in our effort since 2010, to whom I am ever thankful. I invite all of you to join in so that we can continue to make this message stronger, louder, and reach each and every person in Qatar and the region.

Together we can make a difference, together we can provide hope for their future.

Rajeev Mathew Thomas

Chairman, Message of HOPE Organizing Committee

Founder and Advisory Board Member, HOPE Qatar Center for Children with Special Needs


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